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Get the best prices when travelling to South Korea!


Every semester break, we prefer not to let our kids do any academic courses because we have an agreement that we will save that money for traveling as we believe the best knowledge happens outside the classroom. This time, we are planning to take our kids to experience a little adventure in Seoul, South Korea, and we aim to find only accommodations suitable for the “Family” so that we will get to spend time together, 24 hours a day, every day to be exact!

When travelling abroad, we’ve always given our kids freedom. We give them a sum of money and allow them to make their own decisions on how to spend it. Through this, they have acquired and practiced decision making and language skills while negotiating prices with foreign vendors. During this trip to Seoul, we have booked a 1 Day City Tour so that we can explore new places like The Garden of Morning Calm and Gangchon Rail Bike, and explore the half moon-shaped Nami Island to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

How to get the best accommodation price when travelling to South Korea… In Uncle Deng and Auntie Kai style!

When it comes to booking a hotel room, our trick is to make a reservation “two days before our departure date”. Though this can be a bit challenging, it’s well worth a try! We have been monitoring hotel rates in Seoul for a while now and have found that there are big price reductions to take advantage of, as many hotel managers seem to reduce rates of empty rooms two days before the date of arrival (although not this rule does not apply to every hotel).

Source: Hotels.com website

Powerful features in online accommodation booking

For amateur travelers, we suggest going to www.Hotels.com because the system will easily help match your preferences with the hotel that suits you most and you can make the booking in an instant!

Source: Hotels.com website

In our opinion, the 4 most common determining factors (that we can control) in choosing accommodation would be as follows:

1. Location
2. Convenience and comfort (an ideal hotel must provide easy access to the city’s landmarks and rapid transit stations.)
3. Type of accommodation
4. The room rate per night

Source: Hotels.com website

You can conduct your search using these 4 factors on Hotels.com, then choose the hotel which suits you most. Hotels.com can also help sort hotels by ‘Guest Ratings’ and you can select the hotel with the highest rating.

Source: Hotels.com website

Finally, we wanted to tell you that half the fun of travel is to have a wisely planned out trip which will not only help you save a lot of money but also make your trip MORE FUN to travel! For example, when you plan a trip with the help of Hotels.com, you will receive great deals like Secret Prices (which you won’t be able to find anywhere else but on Hotels.com!). To get this Secret Price, users must sign up as a Hotels.com Rewards member and make bookings through Hotels.com’s site or mobile application. On top of this, users can also use the Secret Price perk in combination with Hotels.com’s free-nights scheme, which offers one free night to travelers after every 10 nights booked and stayed through Hotels.com Rewards.

Through this, you’ll be sure to have a savvy, fun, and happy trip with quality anywhere you go!

Planning really is half the fun of travel! Give it a go today with this special code 8OFFHTFOTMY to enjoy 8% off your next trip with Hotels.com. Happy travels!

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