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How to create your personalized travel itinerary

Are you struggling with planning a trip?

Planning a perfect trip can be a tiring ordeal. When we think of travel, we tend to think of months of planning, saving money, writing a vacation request leave and mapping out the best possible route. We also have to contact an embassy to apply for a visa, book a flight, make a hotel reservation, not to mention booking a rental car when we want to make a road trip. In other words, making a vacation plan seems like creating a life plan.

One of the most common problems that travelers face during travel is finding a good hotel room. If we travel as a group, choosing a hotel can be a challenge.

Well, everyone’s preferences are different.

The more people we bring together, the greater the variety of differences. Some people may want to stay in a luxury hotel featuring facilities and conveniences while some people prefer a hostel set in nature which allows them to savor a beautiful view. Let’s work and try to find a suitable compromise in order to make every one in the group happy and if there is a small kitchen for us to prepare some special dishes that would be great!

Source: Hotes.com website

And believe it or not, for all the things that we mentioned, you can find them directly on Hotels.com, regardless of whether it’s selecting the location (you can also select the distance) or “Facilities” like Free Wi-Fi, kitchen, airport transfer, or even hotel with a bar!!

When we were planning a trip to Eastern Europe, we started with making a list of our personal preferences and limitations.

As we know, men and women have different concerns when it comes to travelling.

Men tend to worry about expensive hotel rates and location. While most women tend to be concerned about their safety and privacy. Many of them also give cleanliness and hygiene a prime priority. Women who value their privacy find it frustrating when they need to share a hotel room with other people.

Beyond making a list of things we like, hate and want, we also jotted down things we have in common and different views. We then discussed the issues to find a happy compromise.

As you know, communicating with all members is key to a group holiday success. Jumping to conclusion when it comes to choosing a hotel can be troublesome. This is because some group members may find it uncomfortable to share a hotel room with others. You will end up overspending when you need to find a new hotel room for them.

We then went to www.Hotels.com, an excellent source for finding good travel accommodation through their filter function.

Things that we usually keep in mind when looking for accommodation are…

Location – the website offers a list of hotels in different areas. For us, we usually select choose to stay in the old town neighborhood which offers many tourist landmarks. We sometimes book a hotel that is close to a landmark we want to visit. It’s really convenient for us.

Price – no matter what our budget is, there is a hotel that meets our needs within our price range.

Accommodation type – hotel options the website offers are endless. Whatever our preferences, be it a hostel or a resort hotel, the website has it all.

Facilities – as tech-savvy people, we always look for a hotel that offers complimentary high-speed internet and Wi-Fi access in our room. Some hotels provide the access at the lobby only. We also look for a hotel which provides a parking space. We often hire a car as it gives us freedom and flexibility when travelling. Last but not least, we prefer to stay in a room that is smoke free as we do not smoke.

When we checked off all our requirements in the website’s filter, choices of accommodation were displayed on a single page. This helped us narrow down the choices before making our final decision. It helped save time! And if you book accommodations via Hotels.com Mobile App or by becoming a registered member, you also get a chance to receive Secret Prices on select hotels!!

The user- friendly website makes online hotel booking is an easy task. Hotels.com gives you access to hotels worldwide and provides information regarding all types of hotels in 39 languages including Thai. You just need to follow the easy steps mentioned above.

At the same time, you will feel that half the fun of travel is actually at begins the moment you plan your trip.

Planning a trip can really be more fun than when you actually go because this is like we already traveled through the cyber world and get a chance to see hundreds of accommodations and read real guest reviews from many travelers of diverse backgrounds.

In the next blog post, we will share some of our favorite picks from Hotels.com. We will also provide more tips in making online accommodation booking easier and faster that will make your trip more fun from the start!!

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