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Rejuvenate and find yourself after a day of sightseeing at these 5 swanky hotel spas

Travel fatigue can be a bothersome side effect for those who utterly lose themselves in travel. Thankfully, many hotels today come equipped with full-fledged spas for the weary traveller to recover and unwind after a day packed with activities that include rough-water canoeing or museum-hopping.

We sourced for five of the most luxe or unorthodox hotel spa experiences in hotels that are the perfect way to #findyourself and recentre after all the wanderlusting.

 Spa on the Rocks at AYANA Resort and Spa, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

Perched on a limestone cliff overlooking the turquoise blue Indian Ocean is AYANA Resort and Spa’s award-winning Spa On The Rocks that offers much more than Bali’s renowned relaxing massages. Surrounded by a stunning ocean view, guests can treat themselves to treatments fit for royalty that use ingredients such as diamonds, pearls or jade while sipping on champagne. Alternatively, opt for an underwater massage in a massive aquatonic pool, which contains water pumped directly from the ocean.

Vair Spa at Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy

At Vair  Spa – bestowed ‘most life-changing experience’ at the Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2017 – in seaside resort Borgo Egnazia, the focus is on healing the body and soul as it is not just about recovering physically but recharging emotionally and spiritually as well. The spa’s unconventional treatment list includes a one-on-one consultation with an Italian shaman, music therapy and fencing.

Cryotherapy at The Westin Sante Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Need a quick fix to heal those weary muscles: get frozen in an ice bath chilled to -160°C at The Westin Santa Fe’s Heavenly Spa. Cryotherapy, or cold treatment, has been making waves in the spa industry as an uber cool (pun intended) alternative form of treatment. A centuries-old form of therapy, it is said to drastically cool down various parts of the body as a form of pain relief and recovery.

Beer spa at Hotel Horal, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic

Calling all beer lovers: we have found a little piece of heaven for you at Hotel Horal in Czech Republic. The hotel has a wellness package that is not so much about detoxing, but rather about enjoying the good things in life. As part of the package, guests can let all their worries and stress ebb away in a warm, foamy, beer bath – while enjoying a pint of the good stuff course – along with a face or hair mask treatment made from fresh beer yeast and decadent buffets.

   Jiva Spa Boat at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Spa on a boat in the middle of a shimmering lake in the romantic Indian city of Udaipur – need we say more? The boat is fitted with all the necessary facilities and more, with a massage menu that draws on India’s ancient wellness culture. Look out for a treatment that is traditionally enjoyed by Indian wrestlers to relax their tense muscles.


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