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Floating on Dreams in Prague

Prague is widely considered to be one of the most romantic cities on earth. If you are a traveler from Thailand, you might be familiar with this iconic city which is known for its beautiful architecture and unique charms as well as its well-preserved historic center.

Unlike Paris, London or Munich, Prague is not recognized as a large, modern city. On the other hand, it is the city’s age-old history and architecture beautifully-preserved through the taste of time that captures the hearts of its visitors. 

Prague is an old city of which the layout runs along the river Vltava, dividing the city into two parts according to the main attractions: Prague Castle and the Old Town quarter; with the famous Charles Bridge connecting the two together which is heaving with people.

With rows and rows of ancient buildings, all of which exist in perfect harmony – from local stores to restaurants, museums, and hotels – Prague showcases a collection of architectural gems where nothing is out of proportion. Everything blends together very well as if they were all meant to be there.  

Among these beautiful buildings, many have been converted into fascinating accommodations where guests wake up feeling as if they have become Prague citizens for a day. Also, hotel prices in Prague have not seen as much increase as of those in Western Europe. Travelers can book accommodation in Prague via Hotels.com, some of which offer Secret Prices. So, if you look carefully, you might stumble across a hotel that offers unbelievably low prices! There are quite a few occasions where we found hotels that cost only 1,000 baht per night meaning we only had to pay 500 baht per person per night, which was even lower than some hotel prices in Thailand!

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One of the most iconic places in Prague’s Old Town is Prague Castle. Built in 880, Prague Castle occupies an area of more than 70,000 square meters (437.5 Rai), where travelers can explore a number of interesting attractions including churches, palaces, viewing towers, museums, art galleries, cafés, the monastery or Golden lane.

A trip to Prague wouldn’t be complete without a visit to ‘Stare Mesto’ or the Old Town of Prague itself, where a tour of the historic square – Staromestske nam – is not to be missed. It is a historic square where people gather for significant events, but also a major trading and governing center of the city since ancient times.

If we have to recommend a neighborhood to stay in on a trip to Prague, we would have to choose Prague’s Old Town because of the convenience – it’s close to the train station and is also a neighborhood never sleeps, which means you’ll never feel bored or lonely for a minute! Most importantly, there are tons and tons of accommodations to choose from within the area.

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This way, you can be sure to score the best accommodations within your budget.

For accommodation, we chose Lokal Inn which is located near Charles Bridge. The location is also perfect because in the area you can explore Prague’s Old Town, visit castles nearby, and always be in close proximity to great restaurants along the way.

And for anyone who still doesn’t know what to do on their last 2 days, we suggest getting on a train and visiting a small city nearby, “Cesky krumlov”. Cesky krumlov is located around the south part of Prague and known as one of the most romantic cities in the world by most travelers.

If you’ve ever had a chance to go there, do also visit an old town nearby where you can easily stroll all over the town within a short time given its small area,no bus or public transportation needed. The train station is also just around the area so it’s easily accessible. We are confident that you will be impressed with this place as much as we are!

The best time to visit Prague is either in spring – from March to May – or autumn – from October to November – because the weather is just right, not too hot or too cold. However, if you want to experience the ‘fun’ Prague, visit the city towards the end of December where you will get to see Prague’s Christmas in its full swing. During this trip, we travelled to so many places that sometimes we were so tired and needed a rest. Despite this, we are convinced that there is still a lot more of Prague to explore.

If anyone has been to Prague and wishes to suggest other interesting places to visit or beautiful accommodations to stay at, do leave us some comments at my blog, social media or on my page!   

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