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5 easy steps to scoring the coolest accommodations with Hotels.com

There are so many factors that travelers take into account when searching for places to stay at during their vacation. Since everyone has their own tastes and preferences, it is only natural that others might not find the accommodations that we think are great and gorgeous to be quite their cups of tea.

Therefore, to make sure the choices that we make match our unique demands, we should definitely be the ones holding the steering wheel when it comes to choosing our holiday accommodations, especially since no one knows our tastes better than ourselves. To help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing holiday accommodations, we unveil 5 easy steps to booking your next cool holiday home with ease through Hotels.com.

Decide on your overall budget


The first step, which is to figure out how much the accommodation for the whole trip should cost, is usually the step that worries travelers most. Naturally, the perfect place often exceeds our grasp. Of course, we can bite the bullet and book the room of our dreams anyway, but this also means that we need to cut down on the expenses for other things. Therefore, a simple solution is to set a specific budget only for accommodation. For example, say you are going on a 5-day-4-night vacation; you might set aside a total of 5,000 baht only for accommodation.

The main problem is that most people don’t know how much accommodation in different destinations should or will cost. Obviously, hotels in Venice probably cost a lot more that those in Luang Prabang. So, how do we gauge how much we should spend on accommodation?

Fortunately, Hotels.com’s Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™) can help travelers calculate average hotel prices in each destination – from 5-star hotels to 1-star lodges.

Source: Hotels.com website

Break down the budget for each night


Once you’ve set an overall budget for accommodation, let’s say 5,000 baht, we can divide them into either 1,250 baht per night for 4 nights, or 800 baht per night for 3 nights and 2,600 baht for 1 night, if you feel like splurging on a luxurious 5-star hotel for one night. This depends on individual taste and preference, but planning ahead can definitely help you make the best value-for-money decision.

Choose the type of accommodation

Each person has their own holiday preferences. At the same time, there are so many different types of accommodation available for everyone to choose, ranging from ultra-luxurious hotels for those who seek optimal comfort, country homes situated far from the city center but which offer plenty of space and privacy, guesthouses for those who love to meet other liked-minded travelers, to budget-friendly camping areas for travelers who look to enjoy outdoor life and fall asleep under the stars.

Hotels.com offers a range of accommodation divided into different categories, all of which are separated into a number of subcategories.

  Source: Hotels.com website

Choose reviews and ratings

Now that you have set the budget for each night, it’s time to take a look at the reviews and rating from travelers who had actually stayed at the accommodation.  Most accommodation booking websites offer scores and ratings for the places listed. However, Hotels.com has taken it to another level with the Loved by Guests Awards which are given to hotels that Hotels.com guarantees as being best of the best. By paying attention to these special badges, you will find it very easy to pick out qualified and guaranteed accommodation.

Source: Hotels.com website

Check payment condition

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out payment conditions and deadlines for free cancellation. Some places don’t offer free cancellation but rather, make up for that by offering cheaper prices. Others boast prime locations and a substantial customer base, and thus don’t offer free cancellation options. So, it is crucial to be aware of this particular condition.

In any case, let’s check out how we sourced for a hotel for our upcoming trip to visit Prague, Czech Republic for three days! These were our requirements:

– Less than ฿3,500 per room per 2 person

– Accommodation must be in a form of Hotel only

– Located in Old Town

– Review score not less than 4

– Free-cancelation

Once we got to the Hotels.com booking page, we started by filling in our destination (Prague), date of stay and other demands in left column like the screenshot below:

Source: Hotels.com website

Next, a list of hotels that aligned with our basic requirements showed up, and to give you better picture, here are our first three choices and why we liked them…

Lokal Inn 

The first hotel that caught our attention was the Lokal Inn. This four-star hotel was renovated from an old building into a magical place which gives one the feeling of living in a 500-year-old atmosphere! The hotel is located just a few steps to the Charles Bridge where we are likely to also find some great restaurants just nearby. Plus, it’s only ฿3188 per night!


 Source: Hotels.com website


Hotel Monastery

The second one we shortlisted was a four-star hotel with warm and cozy decor which has great reviews on staffs’ services and a yummy breakfast which we also like – it’s only ฿2697 per night! The only downside however is that it’s bit far from tourist attractions.



Source: Hotels.com website


Appia Hotel Residences

Lastly, Appia Hotel Residences was our third choice. It is located only a few minutes’ walk from the Prague Castle. The hotel is finely decorated, and includes a bar and restaurants. The reviews also highlighted the tasty hotel food and it was going for only ฿2930 per night.

Source: Hotels.com website

In conclusion, we think these three hotels are all excellent choices than cater to different preferences! For us personally, we would pick Lokal Inn. Despite it being the most expensive of the three, it is still in our budget and has great location near the famous and bustling Charles Bridge. Most importantly, we love the old-tales building. It’s so magical and iconic of Prague!

With these simple steps, it is very easy to find the accommodation that fits with your personal needs and preferences via Hotels.com.

What are some of your coolest places to stay at in Prague?

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