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Chapter 3: Create your journey with High on Dreams

Step out of the familiar package tour holiday for a moment and use the user-friendly Hotels.com website to plan your own independent trip – it’s really not as difficult as you might imagine it to be and certainly a lot more fun in doing so! I am happy to share some of my best tips and tricks to getting reasonably priced rooms and great value for money through Hotels.com.

1. When choosing your accommodation through Hotels.com, there is also a ‘Secret Price’ Function displayed in purple above the room list rate. If you see this, then count yourself lucky! You have been specially chosen to receive additional member-only secret price discounts not offered on other hotel comparison sites – you can become a Hotels.com member simply be signing up on the website, downloading the Hotels.com mobile app, or subscribing to the Hotels.com newsletter.

Source: Hotels.com website

2. Hotels.com offers a strict best price guarantee on all rooms.

Should you happen to find the price at a cheaper rate elsewhere (meaning that the price you’ve found is listed publicly on a site which does not require any log-in in order to gain access to that listed price) all you have to do is visit the Price Guarantee page within Hotels.com customer care portal, where you will receive a refund for the difference in price after providing some basic details.


Source: Hotels.com website

3. Hotels.com offers a free night’s stay for every 10 nights booked based on the average price of your 10 bookings – which is extremely useful if you have an extended trip planned (just be sure to sign in before booking).

There’s no expiry date on this if your account remains active at least once in a period of 12 months so feel free to collect your 10 bookings at your own pace and receive that 11th booking free as a reward!

Source: Hotels.com website

4. The Hotels.com Rewards offers greater amount of accommodation bookings’ benefits and of course greater possibilities of savings!

Apart from your 10th booking you will also receiveHotels.com Rewards Silver’, which will open the door to further benefits including early bird deals and fast tracks offers, and you will be sure to be prioritised by the Hotels.com customer service team. After your 30th booking, you will reach the heights of Gold tiered membership, Hotels.com Rewards Gold, where you will gain exclusive deals on accommodation only made available for Gold members!

With these extra benefits, have the comfort of knowing that your trip will be hassle free! I’m sure before long you can begin to make extra savings and experience-added benefits to your trip planning!

Source: Hotels.com website

If you believe Hotels.com has a low profile, then you might be pleasantly surprised. It is without question one of the leading online accommodation booking websites with properties ranging from 5-star international chains and all-inclusive resorts to local favorites and bed & breakfasts, altogether providing all of the essential information needed in order to book your perfect stay. Not forgetting the 25 million reviews from users worldwide!

Whichever corner of the globe you plan to explore, Hotels.com has excellent choices waiting for you!

Half the fun of each trip is really about planning! At the very least you have to know what you want to do; how you want to travel; where you want to stay. Referring back to my previous post, I showed you an example of how to plan a “Route Guide 10 Days Train to Andaman” that will take you across Hua-hin, Pranburi, Huay Yang, Chumphon, Suratthani, all the way down to Koh Ngai in Trang. When I finished planning, I really wished I could go there immediately; it’s just that I still haven’t had the time to.

So far the plans seem close to perfect… But not as perfect as if I could receive some opinions and recommendations from you all as well – such as the must-visit places/restaurants from each destination or even where to stay as an alternative from what I’ve chosen from Hotels.com. So please, plan with me by sharing your suggestions on where to stay to do all these fun activities!


 Last but not least, I hope the tips I’ve shared above are useful when planning your next special trip!

Oh, and Hotels.com is also offering my readers a special promo code –  8OFFHTFOTMY –  so if you have any destinations in mind, simply go to Hotels.com for a more concrete travel plan and get 8% off for your next booking!

Enjoy your travels 🙂