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Ever wanted to stay in someone’s home? In a UFO? An Igloo? Or swim with Elephants? Now you can.

You’ve turned your back on Hawaiian shirts and floral bikinis. You’ve dumped the 2 megapixel camera phones for selfie sticks and DSLRs. You’ve ditched the touristy beaches for street food alleys. The museums and parks are last on your list. You want ‘authentic experiences’. Frankly, I can see why.

Imagine this.

You experience snow for the first time; you roll out from your igloo and build a snowman with your loved ones or make snow angels while basking in the moonlight. You escape to an island and surround yourself with the purest nature has to offer, immersing yourself in the flora and fauna of the forest, all from the window of your treehouse.

I heard your call for the most legit and unique experiences, and have gone to the ends of the world to search for the coolest places for you to stay: at the edge of a cliff, in a treehouse, a cave, a prison, homestays, villas with a private pool –
just name it, I have it!

To cater to every type of traveller – selfie stick and/or binoculars in tow – I have more than 385,000 properties in over 200 countries. Need some inspiration for realest places to stay to take your next holiday (and your #nofilter #travel Instagram game) to the next level? I’ve got your back.

1. E.T. come home… stay in a UFO, a life-sized bird’s nest,
or glass capsule in a forest
Tree Hotel – Harads, Sweden

Source: Hotels.com website


2. A different view from the pool?
An elephant herd
Imbali Safari Lodge – Kruger National Park, South Africa

Source: Hotels.com website


3. I am robot… –
world’s first hotel staffed by robots!

Huis Ten Bosch Henn na Hotel- Sasebo, Japan


4. Do you want to build a snowman?
Eco Bivouac Village D’Igloo- Saint-Jorioz, France


5. Or a house made of of homes
Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam- Amsterdam, The Netherlands


6. A ranch bed and breakfast in the
Majestic Mission Mountains

Gaynor Ranch Bed & Breakfast – Polson, USA


Ask and you shall receive!

Now, I want you to have your own fun. Use my any of my features from: Themes/Types, Accommodation type, Neighbourhood, Landmarks, Facilities and Accesibility features.

Then, sort them according to over 25 million verified user reviews to find out what are some of the most authentic experiences, by the people, for the people!

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