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Elfira Loy shares her quirkiest travel planning habits with her mum!

Planning a holiday with a big family can be tricky – check out how Elfira keeps the family happy and their quirkiest travel planning must-haves with Hotels.com!

Hi everyone, it’s Elfira Loy! It is so satisfying to guess all of Mama’s quirkiest planning habits (puas hati aku). I guess we’re all quirky in terms of finding the right place to stay when travelling. So, let’s take a moment and list at least 5 of those quirky travel habits (pretty much half the fun of travel)! Here are mine:

1. Beautiful Bathrooms with bath tubs.

This is very essential for me, because there is an old saying (I made this up) that the room is only as good as its bathroom. The vacation is only satisfying when I can end the day with a nice long bath and when I can take my time to relax. So, it is very important for me to enjoy the comfort of a nice bath in a well-equipped bathroom.

Source: Hotels.com website

2. Balcony with a sunset view.

I love sunsets, as much as I love sun rise. The view is very important for me, because that is the main essence of a vacation. Great views will stick inside my mind forever, and having a schedule as busy as mine, I must make my vacation count. Every location has a different feel or romance that comes with it, so I tend to appreciate rooms with an open balcony facing the sunset.

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3. 4 Stars and above

Comfortable, well decorated and great service. Those are the 3 important things I seek, upon booking a hotel. Why? Because I’m very strict about my well-being, and making sure that the hotel can provide everything I want is very important to me. So, it’s natural that only those kinds of hotels with high ratings can satisfy me.

4. Spacious or multiple rooms

I tend to travel with mama and my siblings, hence the need for large rooms. I also avoid booking different rooms so I can be with them all the time.

Source: Hotels.com website

5. Making sure everything is perfect.

I’m kind of a perfectionist; I hate it if my vacation goes wrong, if I’m not complaining Mama will! So, I must plan the trip first, the location, the surroundings or the infrastructure around it; it must be perfect for our travelling experience. Failure is not an option.

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But recently I was introduced to the Hotels.com app and planning my trips and getting my bookings right is now that easy!

 With the Hotels.com app, I can use the sorting feature that can find me accommodations with beautiful bathrooms with bath tubs.

Hotels.com app has a star rating system which is great for me to narrow down my hotel choices, that includes the size of the room, the bed, and its appliances.

Source: Hotels.com website

Source: Hotels.com website

The Hotels.com app also has a ‘view on map’ feature so I can search for the best locations with a sunset view! This is so I will never miss those beautiful moments.

Source: Hotels.com website

No matter where I want to go in the world, Hotels.com has the best stay for me – and half the fun of travel is planning the trip!

It’s easy, has over 89 websites in 39 different languages (so you know you can always count on them), and getting my payments done has never been so easy with Hotels.com.
Planning really is half the fun of travel!

Give it a go today with this special code 8OFFHTFOTMY to enjoy 8% off your next trip with Hotels.com. Happy travels!

That’s all from me, I’ll update more next time, have to catch a flight now! Love, Elfira Loy.

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