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Plan with Elfira Loy!

Hi everyone, it’s me again! This time I would like to share with you guys a little about my future plans for travelling. This is unlike any other typical plan as I’m getting hitched soon! (hopefully?). So, what is it about?

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You guessed it! It’s my honeymoon plans! Insyallah (ie. God willing) that it materializes – of course. I’m always wondering about the best destinations for a honeymoon trip.

Of course, I have one destination in mind which is Waiheke Island in New Zealand. I’d like you to help me narrow down some accommodations for me.

So today, I’m going to challenge everyone to suggest to me the best possible accommodations for my honeymoon – but, the place and hotel accommodation you suggest via Hotels.com must have my 3 top things to do on my wishlist which are:

1. Starting the day with A Romantic Sunrise

Yes! This is the most important thing for me. As I mentioned before in my previous writings, sunrise and sunset are the best times of the day for me. Witnessing a sunrise with your partner for life is indeed the answer to make this a special trip for me. I want to watch the greatest sunrise and sunset view I’ve never seen before. It’ll be something new for me to share with my partner for us to feel something extra special together. Feeling the romance in the air and following the first and the last rays of sunlight to lighten up our smiles will surely enable us to begin our journey on a brighter note.

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(Something like this! What a beautiful view to start my day right?)

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2. A place for me to be adventurous throughout the whole day

It is very important for me to have lots of activities to do throughout the trip. We’d love to try something new together, from sky diving to paragliding, just name it and we’ll do it. The trend of doing something different and unique on a honeymoon is actually on the rise and I’m on board with it.

Just give me suggestions on what we can do to fill our days and make them memorable.

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From sea adventures to any activities with mountains, I wish to experience the greatest feeling of adventure together with him.

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3. Hitting the Road and Encountering A surprise

The last point I’m looking forward to do during my honeymoon is to rent a car, and head off on a road trip. Expecting a surprise, witnessing the skies shift along the road together might be one of the most romantic things to do together.

Living life as it happens and witnessing the beauty of the unpredictable, is what a romantic road trip would be to me, you know, for that honeymoon vibe!

Pack all the things to take on our honeymoon, get into our rented car and let love guide our way. From the long and winding American roads to European alps, do give me a few suggestions on which accommodations to stay at while there too!

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Source: Hotels.com website

The best suggestions will get the best kind of reception from me, a proper shout out!

To top it all off, I will use this opportunity to plan this trip with Hotels.com. Why Hotels.com? It takes my holiday trips up a notch with everything from its ease of use (check out the app) and of course, its loyalty program so I can focus on fully enjoying my time away.

The loyalty program offers instant savings with member-only savings at nearly 1 in 5 hotels around the world.

As I’m travelling to a lot of places, I can collect 10 nights and get another 1 free! Plus I can redeem them whenever I want to.

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With Hotels.com, its always easy for me to search for different criteria to suit my quirky travel requirements – from sorting by star and guest rating to give me peace of mind, to neighbourhood so I’m close to the best attractions location, and accommodation types and facilities and so on. I’m sure it’ll be a breeze for you too as you search for some exciting accommodations for me!

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So there it is, with your suggestions and Hotels.com’s help, I’m sure I will be very confident about the accommodations recommended to me. Those 25 million verified of guests reviews and ratings will surely help too! Besides, isn’t half the fun of traveling in planning your trip?

I have a special surprise for you readers by the way…

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Get your thumbs on the virtual keyboard! Start giving me suggestions now! I’ll get back to you soon, take care everyone – Elfira Loy.