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Elfira shares coolest places to stay and things to do on this secret island

My Top 5 best things about: Belitung!

Hi everyone, today I’m in the mood to share with you about my trip to a place that isn’t so mainstream in Indonesia. When people bring up the topic of Indonesia, the first place that the general public will relate to is Bali or Jakarta. Those popular places are indeed so beautiful! So, I was thinking to myself, where can I go to that I don’t know much about so I can do some awesome photoshoots and make people wonder, “EL KAT MANA TU? CANTIKNYA!”. (Hey, where’s that, looks so beautiful!)

So, I decided on Belitung Island as I found that not many people knew much about it. Plus, I only found out about it a couple of years ago from my Indonesian friends. Basically, Belitung is a large island located near Palembang, if you don’t know where that is, try Googling it! Duhh.

Source: Glassgo Media sdn bhd

Oh! Sometime around May, I was introduced to the Hotels.com app where we discovered the best hotels to stay at Belitung. We sought for award winning hotels at Belitung Island and luckily with the Hotels.com app, were able to narrow down our search to hotels that suited my quirky planning habits and preferences (read my first post to know what they are). So we found out about BW Suite Belitung which is rated 4-stars, and my God, was the best hotel available for me.

How did I find out about BW Suite Belitung? First, I have to search for the location and the date I want to go:

Source: Hotels.com website

After I searched for the location and date, Hotels.com will show a list of hotels to stay at that are available for the date enquired. Then on the left side of the web page, Hotels.com provides a narrow results tab:

Source: Hotels.com website

(Here is the section where I can narrow down all the preferred choices for things I want and don’t. I prefer a hotel to be at least 4 star rating and above.)

From there, Hotels.com gave us 2 options:

Source: Hotels.com website

On top of that, Hotels.com doesn’t just narrow it down to star ratings; they have this review system that I can check before booking for a room.

A quick look on the reviews at BW Suite Belitung:

Source: Hotels.com website

Source: Hotels.com website

(Hotels.com provides the expansive photo gallery of the hotel. Take a look at the room! I was more convinced when I had access to all of the photos. I love the balcony!)

Source: Hotels.com website

(The balcony seems more than decent for me.)

Source: Hotels.com website

(The view is nice; from here I immediately knew that the hotel is very close to the ocean, which gives us the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset!)

Apart from BW Suite Belitung I think Grand Hatika Hotel, the other choice provided by Hotels.com also looks like a good place to stay! Here is my quick research:

Source: Hotels.com website

Source: Hotels.com website

(The lobby’s decorations are cool.)

 Source: Hotels.com website

(The room at Grand Hatika Hotel is cozy. I think from this point I might stay here, but it all comes down to one deciding factor: the view.)

Source: Hotels.com website

It was a fantastic experience for me and my team since we had an unforgettable experience treasuring it. If you are worried about the authenticity of the ratings, Hotels.com™ Loved By Guests Awards 2017 ensures the doubts and legitimation of its recommendations. For example based on the verified reviewer I picked from Hotels.com:

Source: Hotels.com website

For me this insight has given me vital information about the hotel, and I’m very confident when I have to use Hotels.com for accommodation bookings or if I want to do simple research on the destination.

Another hotel that I would probably stay at would be MaxOneHotels at Belstar Belitung and although it’s not a four-star hotel, I love how the hotel looks like and it’s really cute.

Source: Hotels.com website

First thing we all always look at is the hotel lobby because that’s the first place you go to when you enter hotels. With the lobby looking like this, why wouldn’t I want to stay at this place?

Source: Hotels.com website

Just look at this room. If I entered the room with flower petals decorated in that way and the towels shaped like that, I would immediately fall in love. And if you look closely, there’s some creative print on the pillows. No wonder they call it the Happiness Room.

Source: Hotels.com website

Spa reception? Sign me up already. With my hectic schedule, I’ll definitely be needing some relaxing time at the space to destress myself.

Also never forget:

Source: Hotels.com website

I really love this feature about the website. I can’t get over it!

So what’s so great about Belitung Island? Here are my top 3 reasons/ tips:

1. Tanjung Pandan

Source: Glassgo media sdn. Bhd

I still remember the sunrise at Tanjung Pandan! What’s so special about this place? This is the place where locals spend their weekends, much like Pantai Kelebang in Melaka, Malaysia at its busiest day. Unlike Kelebang, Tanjung pandan is amazing during sunrise, where the ocean becomes a mirror-like desert due to the low tide. It feels like an endless walk towards nothingness and it is simply mesmerizing for me. Waking up on a cool morning and walking along the beach? Would kill for a day like that now. On top of that, I could witness the daily lives of the local people and of course the local street food like bakso and lime juice (they call it Es jeruk)


Source: Glassgo media sdn. Bhd

(that endless walk towards nothingness at Tanjung pandan)

2. Kaolin Lake

Kaolin Lake is one of the special sights that can only be obtained here. This lake comes from the rain water that is filled in a place that was a Kaolin mine. The sun that is reflecting from the water of the lake looks beautiful due to the Kaolin content, creating aqua blue waters. This is a must visit location to take pictures, just FYI. Bear in mind though, these lakes are prohibited for the public due to its soggy sands and bottomless depth. Do remember to seek permission to enter and approach this place with extra caution!

Source: Glassgo Media Sdn. Bhd.

(the aqua blue lake in sight, what a view!)

(here is when we realize it’s truly amazing! )

3. Belitung Sand Isle

This is definitely something special, there is so much more I want to share but this particular place goes to a special place in my heart. Island hopping at Belitung is indeed something so beautiful, but if I had to choose, this sand isle is the one I would pick over and over again. Along the many islands in Belitung, there is an island made of just sand in the middle of ocean. When you’re on it, it feels like standing in the middle of the vast sea and that is something I haven’t experienced anywhere; and that’s what counts, the rarity of the experience. To get here we had to take an island hoping service, which dropped us here along the way where we were able to spend as much time as we liked!

(Give me some love for Belitung!)

(That cat walk on a sand island, priceless!)

So that’s it guys! I wish I could know more about other destinations, but that’s surely next on my list to. Oh, and what better than planning with Hotels.com? No matter where I want to go in the world, Hotels.com has the best stay for me and you guys should try it now too with this special limited time coupon (8OFFHTFOTMY) for 8% off! Discover the fun of travel planning with Hotels.com!

Yours truly – Elfira Loy.