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Audrey Ooi shares her best kept secret travel tips for young moms!

Hey guys, so ever since I took my very first solo staycation a month or so back, I’ve been thinking – maybe I’m ready to level up and take a solo trip overseas by myself.

I don’t think I really posted any updates but remember this post? Well, one of the things I did in pursuit of happiness (or at least some peace) was one weekend when Fatty, my husband, was away for his marathon. I sent the kids to my parents’ house and checked into a hotel by myself. There, I ordered room service, went for solitary swims, slept a lot and binge watched Netflix. It was absolute bliss. Nobody yelling for Mommy. No doing what other people around me wanted. I only did what *I* wanted to do which honestly was a bit tricky cos I’ve nearly forgotten how to make decisions for myself. :X

Anyway it was rather refreshing. So much so that I think I will make it a point to do solo stays or trips by myself maybe once or twice a year just to rejuvenate.

So I logged on to Hotels.com to check out hotels. And it occurred to me that for the first time in years, it was up to me to decide where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to stay.

No need to think of kid friendly places, or double beds and cribs for us and the kids or if they serve suitable meals for under 6s. Whether there is a baby pool, and so on and so forth.

No more not-ready photos!

It also occurred to me that I’ve forgotten what I myself want when I travel. To me, half the fun of travel is planning because as you plan your itinerary and place to stay, you’re already halfway there and you’re just living in anticipation of the actual trip.

So in an attempt to rediscover myself, here’s a list of things I must have in a hotel or some may say, the quirkiest things.

1. It must be 4 star at least! Not about being atas (ie. High class) but I’m very particular about this because…one time I went to NYC on a whim, and just walked into the cheapest hotel I could find at Times Square. I ended up in a hotel that was what I can only say is one of the worst stays of my life!

2. It must have decent shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer. HAHAHAHA. Sounds damn diva right! But I’m too lazy to lug shampoo and conditioner bottles around and god knows, my hair needs conditioner. So I really appreciate a hotel that supplies quality hair products that actually work. Hairdryers are important too – none of that namby pamby hair dryers that feel like someone breathing on your head. I demand real dryers with power!
3. Crisp white sheets and feather pillow. Okay la yeah this is diva for sure hahaha but I feel like a proper hotel experience must come with fresh white sheets and that preferably comfy Egyptian cotton bed you just fall in love with.

I want go now… look at that view!

Oh and one last thing….

4. Free bottles of water or free access to water. Some hotels are just annoying – providing like two bottles of water and then forcing you to boil water or drink their mini bar Evian.  But to be fair I haven’t noticed this in recent hotels so maybe the trend is changing.

Okay the above list is actually quite nitpicky la hahaha. But we all have requirements when it comes to choosing a place to stay when we travel, and the beauty of Hotels.com is that while it has thousands of choices on the website, it also provides so many detailed filters to sort out exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, I was thinking that if I did a solo trip, it would be to Tokyo hehe. Since I’m so familiar with the city, I feel comfortable and safe enough to go by myself and I can go shop as much as I want without fearing Fatty will get bored. Plus if I go eat alone, nobody will judge because a lot of salarymen eat by themselves too lol.

What are your quirky travel habits?

For every weird hotel preference each individual has, I’m pretty sure Hotels.com will have you covered.

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