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Hotels.com kickstarts your holiday from the moment you start planning. So embrace all your quirky travel planning habits, stay in the coolest places around the world and travel on your own terms with us!
Check out Southeast Asia’s top lifestyle, travel and parenting bloggers “never shared before” travel planning tips and tricks here! Get excited, stay inspired – because you’ll soon discover that Half The Fun Of Travel really is in the planning!”

Elfira shares her quirkiest travel planning habits

Planning a holiday with a big family can be tricky – check out how Elfira keeps the family happy and their quirkiest travel planning must-haves with Hotels.com!

Find out why Half the fun of travel is in the planning!

Instagrammable hotel? A cool bathtub?! An appetite for local dishes - let Hotels.com help you!

My best kept secret travel tips for young moms!

For the first time in years, I get to decide where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to stay - Thank you Hotels.com!

See what travel lovers say about Half the Fun of Travel?

Ever wanted to stay in someone’s home? In a UFO? An Igloo? Or swim with Elephants? Now you can.

You’ve turned your back on Hawaiian shirts and floral bikinis. You’ve dumped the 2 megapixel camera phones for selfie sticks and DSLRs. You’ve ditched the touristy beaches for street food alleys. The museums and parks are last on your list.…

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Plan with Elfira Loy!

Hi everyone, it’s me again! This time I would like to share with you guys a little about my future plans for travelling. This is unlike any other typical plan as I’m getting hitched soon! (hopefully?). So, what is it…

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Plan With Me (Destination/Things I Want To Do)

Do you have a travel bucket list? If not, I believe after reading this, you probably would want one by now. It helps to inspire and motivate us to work hard in order for us to achieve what we desire…

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Japan with Audrey: Where to stay at with Hotels.com?

You know the funny thing about this article? As you know, I've been collaborating with Hotels.com recently, about trip planning and how planning a trip is actually half the fun. I tend to be very impulsive and disorganized, so normally…

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Uncle Deng shares: The easiest way to secure the best value-for-money accommodation is to do it when you plan for the trip!

For the last chapter, we are going to make it into a conversation where you are invited to share your opinions or even recommendations for the coolest places to go, the hippest hotels to stay or the places to eat…

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Floating on Dreams in Prague

Prague is widely considered to be one of the most romantic cities on earth. If you are a traveler from Thailand, you might be familiar with this iconic city which is known for its beautiful architecture and unique charms as…

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Chapter 3: Create your journey with High on Dreams

Step out of the familiar package tour holiday for a moment and use the user-friendly Hotels.com website to plan your own independent trip - it’s really not as difficult as you might imagine it to be and certainly a lot…

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Travelling? Want the best deals and stay in the most special places? I got you.

You don’t get what you don’t ask. With me, there’s no room for doubt on what your privileges are. But for everyone’s sake, please don’t ask to bring durians into your room. It’s still a thorny issue for me. I’m…

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Elfira shares coolest places to stay and things to do on this secret island

My Top 5 best things about: Belitung! Hi everyone, today I’m in the mood to share with you about my trip to a place that isn’t so mainstream in Indonesia. When people bring up the topic of Indonesia, the first…

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