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The 11 Best Mexican Restaurants in Australia

This article originally appeared on www.hotelclub.com/blog. which is now part of hotels.com

Ah, Mexico – the bedrock of flavoursome culinary delights, festivals that run long into the night and infamous tequila-based beverages that (usually) accompany both. It’s a culture cherished by the world and embraced by Australians for its delicious food offerings. But where’s the best place down under to chow down on a quality ceviche? Here – 11 Mexican restaurants you should try.

1. Méjico, Sydney

The modern Mexican eatery has championed the phrase ‘market-to-table’ – a fancy way of saying they serves ultra-fresh regional staples which change depending on the season. Méjico also crafts a mean guacamole at your table, which pairs great with a Fortaleza tequila margarita. Or four (floor).


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2. Mamasita, Melbourne

Located on Melbourne’s bustling Collins street – a stone’s throw away from some of the best bars the city has to offer – Mamasita is the perfect starting point for a nocturnal jaunt in Australia’s culture hub. And well-earned, after devouring one of their traditional Mexican banquets (think platters of braised meat, an overflow of fresh guac and cervezas all round).

3. El Torito, Brisbane

With its old-school decor and a menu without the bells and whistles of the modern-day Mexi-fusion eatery, El Torito is a local mainstay (it’s been around since ’96) and a go-to when visiting Brisbane. Our pick – you’ve got to try the chimichanga.

El Torito Brisbane; Source: Facebook.

El Torito Brisbane; Source: Facebook.

4. Burp Burritos, Adelaide

Mexican fare touches on everything from seafood to sirloin. A (potential) reason Burp have honed their expertise right down to the humble burrito. There’s plenty to choose off the menu here, but the custom burrito options is the tastebud deal-maker (one packed with chorizo, spicy jalapeños and, obviously, always the ‘large’).

5. Mr. Moustache, Sydney

If you’re venturing to Sydney, enjoying a late afternoon drink surrounded by the salt air and bustling vibes of Bondi Beach is a must-do. And Mr. Moustache are the best at doing it in the area, Mexican-style (read: mezcal in droves).


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6. Juan More Taco, Brisbane

With a name to rival even the most puntastic regional food joints (we’re looking at you, Thai restaurants), Juan More Taco is a Mexican food truck that roams the streets of Brisbane serving up A-grade tacos in five different variations to hungry punters. Where can you find it? Check here when hungry.

7. La Cholita, Perth

If your predilection for Mexican fare leans more towards the beverage end of the scale, La Cholita is for you. Sure, their food is top-notch – but what they really excel in is tequila. With over 100 variations behind the bar, it’s a collection worthy of a late afternoon fiesta.


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8. The Norfolk, Sydney

It’s not a straight-up Mexican restaurant per se, but the iconic Sydney pub/culture hub is all about cheap tacos (they serve them for $3 a pop on Tuesdays from 6-10pm) in bulk and super fun party vibes. Ole.


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9. Le Condesa, Melbourne

Named after Mexico City’s bohemian quarter, La Condesa is just that – a lively restaurant bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to Melbourne. Think baskets of soft-shell tacos with dollops of spicy salsa taquera and refreshing flavoured Mexican water.


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10. TacoTaco, Tasmania

TacoTaco is another untethered Mexican eatery – a street food van bringing quality tacos (and loads more) to hungry Tasmanians.


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11. Chingon, Melbourne

Bringing a traditional Mexican vibe to Melbourne’s Richmond area, this cantina serves up generous portions to a moody backdrop. They also sport the unofficial title for the best tacos in town (as awarded by us).

Top image from @LaCondesaFitzroy Instagram

Satisfied with none-of-the-above? Then there might be nothing for it but to try the real thing. Start perusing Mexico hotels and plan a chilli-laced culinary getaway.