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10 Luxury Stays in Cannes

This article originally appeared on www.hotelclub.com/blog. which is now part of hotels.com

Whether you’re a luxury traveller, a film buff or a serial celebrity hunter, the notoriously extravagant, sparkling blue seaside city of Cannes is worth a spot on your holiday bucket list. And what better time to jet into the French Riviera than during the Cannes Film Festival – an annual hat-tip to Hollywood’s finest with overzealous bottle-popping, indulgent parties and A-list celebrities all over town – this month. Want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous? Here’s where they’ll (likely) be staying.

1. Intercontinental Carlton

Dubbed the “Hotel of Stars” (A-list alumni includes Sean Connery, Sharon Stone and Jessica Chastain), this beachside luxury stay is located on the La Croisette – the strip where all the action happens during the Cannes Film Festival.


Source: Intercontinental Carlton

2. Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc

For those searching for the perfect blend of privacy and luxury, this heritage hotel plays host to Film Festival parties every year and is a speedboat ride away from La Croisette.


Source: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc

3. Hôtel Majestic Barrière

Spacious rooms with unobscured ocean views, a private pier to lounge away and sip Moet into the evening while watching Cannes burst to life? This is the ultimate.


Source: Hotel Barriere

4. Grand Hyatt Martinez

Chill out by the pool (and peep some famous faces) by day. Step out the door and cruise the world-class bars of La Croisette by night.


Source: Grand Hyatt Cannes

5. Five Seas

Many celebrities call Five Seas home during the Cannes Film Festival – but the concierge remains tight-lipped. Just know you’re in good company staying here.


Source: Five Seas Cannes

6. Villa Bregido

For the luxury traveller who can’t go anywhere without an entourage, look to making Villa Bregido your home base – with five bedrooms, an infinity pool and glorious views overlooking Cannes below.


Source: Le Collectionist

7. Hôtel Belles Rives

This charming hotel champions French chic and a relaxed seaside vibe. For those looking to put chilling out ahead of celebrity watching.


Source: Hotel Belles Rives

8. Peace Villa

It’s modern, awe-inspiring and a little edgier than the majority of villas lining the French Riviera.


Source: Carlton International

9. Grand Hotel

Speaking of modern, the Grand Hotel is where you’re likely to find the design-minded types resorting in Cannes.


Source: Le Grand Hotel

10. InLux Villa

This contemporary villa on the hills of Cannes wouldn’t look out of place in the Hollywood Hills. It’s the kind of place you could host your own post-film festival party.


Source: Cannes Luxury Villa