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Celebrating Fifty Years Of Singapore’s Independence

This article originally appeared on www.hotelclub.com/blog. which is now part of hotels.com

Fifty years ago, Singapore became an independent state, after parting ways with the short-lived Malaysian Federation. With little in the way of natural resources, just how did this small nation manage to rise to become an economic superpower in just five decades? Despite its humble beginnings, Singapore owes much of its success to its investment in home-grown talent and its ability to attract migrant talent from all over the world. It’s advancement into the electronics industry also propelled this once small nation into becoming what it is today, and in homage of this, we have put together a really nice piece that explores every step of its progression and explores in detail, the measures that served to really put them on the map. This insightful piece also looks at Singapore’s numerous achievements and awards over the decades.

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