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Finding “Made in Hong Kong” on the Street

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Finding “Made in Hong Kong” on the Street

Hong Kong is known for its film business, as Asia’s largest film producer. While the legend of Hong Kong film continues, in the 21st century, Hong Kong has been reborn as a shopping destination. The world’s largest export of fashion and a leader in the industry, Hong Kong’s shopping scene is given even more value as the whole city is tax-free. By the same token, famous  brands are the name of the game and maintain their high prices just the same.

So, what is a truly Hong Kong shopping experience? High quality and reasonable prices can be found in Hong Kong’s own local brands.

Hong Kong Recommended Street Path

Hong Kong is a city with a plethora of transportation options: train, tram, double-decker buses, and ferries. But with the high cost of public transport, it can be difficult. So it’s good to not worry about whether somewhere might be too far or you might get lost and give walking a try. Signs are well posted on all streets, so if you just make sure you remember what street your destination is on, you’ll soon hold Hong Kong in the palm of your hand!

Let’s find “Made in Hong Kong” on the streets of Hong Kong.

Granville Rd.

The locus of import and street brands. This place has all things mid-range to luxury discount shops all in one place, it’s a one-stop shopping street. And it’s a place that shoppers looking for local Hong Kong brands cannot leave out.


Here you can find a variety of products from jeans to leather accessories and clothes. You might find it similar to Levis. They are known as the Hong Kong vintage store and their good quality clothes for a reasonable price are popular with younger shoppers. They use a lot of primary colours and have a very polished style.

They feature brands such as Salad, TOUGH Jeansmith, EIGHTY TWENTY, LA CRÈME, and PLEASED. You can find everything you need from basic t-shirts to sweaters, coats, and bags.


5cm (Five Centimetres)

Here you’ll find a multi-shop atmosphere specialising in Hong Kong’s local fashion brands. They sell variety of fashionable, denim items from clothes to accessories. They first started making jeans to suit Asian body types but have since developed a sensual style at a low price and are very popular with younger shoppers. With neat colours and chic designs, this is a great place to find local brands at impressive discounts. Before you know it your wallet will be out, so be aware of excessive spending!

Cameron Rd.

From Granville Rd., head one block down to Cameron Rd. It’s not a huge shopping mall, but it is fun to find lots of unique restaurants to enjoy.


Hui Lau Shan

We picked Hui Lau Shan’s Mango Juice as one of the Hong Kong deserts that you have to try. The mango juice is their most popular drink, but they also sell puddings, smoothies, and other fruit deserts. It might seem like the prices are quite high for just a drink, but the amount of fruit that goes into the drink makes them extra delicious and quite filling. Enjoy the sweet smell of Hong Kong’s mangos.



With the vintage wood and beige logo and a rustic store decor of bricks and antiques, Initial is sure to catch your eye. This store has everything from clothes and cosmetics to accessories and stationary. This shop in shop concept also includes a café inside.

You can get finger foods, ice cream and more to satiate your hunger while you shop. The most popular item is the “tear ice cream.” Made with cream and salt, this soft serve ice cream is also known as salt ice cream. This stuff is so good that many people don’t come for the shopping, they come for the ice cream.

Nathan Rd.

Nathan Rd. divides the center of the Kowloon Peninsula in the north of Hong Kong. The first modern road built on Kowloon, the road stretches across 4 kilometres. It’s so central that mostly all other roads on Kowloon lead to Nathan Rd. If you’re tired of all the people, we recommend slipping off the main road to Kowloon Park.


Generation 2000

This brand has a light, urban feel and style that is popular with young office workers.

G2000 primarily sticks with a slick modern, monotone look and is a good place to get a few formal outfits. Also, as most women in Hong Kong are thin, it’s easy to find size 44 clothes, which can be hard to find in South Korea.  We recommend G2000 for those who though SPA’s size was a little loose fitting. G2000 also has very reasonable prices and often have buy 1 get 1 free events that make the deals even better. G2000 also has more expensive, high class brands in G2000 Black and Blue Labels.



For South Koreans, GIORDANO is so familiar it almost seems like a domestic brand. But it’s actually a local Hong Kong brand! Here you can buy comfortable, casual clothes in the same store that you can find top fashion items, and all at low price. They also have backpacks that can only be purchased in Hong Kong.

Depending on what you’re looking for you can check the different lines within the store, concepts, ladies, and kids. The style and design available in each store is different, so if you have a set shopping list make sure you select the right store. The smaller the shop is the more interesting the products inside might be.

In GIORDANO Concept stores, you’ll find suits and semi-casual products and they are a great place for office workers to look for work clothes. Especially for office women who always have a hard time finding the right outfit for work, this is a great place to find everything from black and white undershirts and simple coats.

퍼시픽 커피

Pacific Coffee

In Hong Kong, where tea is more popular than coffee, this local coffee brand, that is more popular than Starbucks, is a special treat. The coffee here is a lot stronger than Starbucks and is for those that prefer a deeper flavour.

Haiphong Rd.

This road connects Nathan Rd. at the centre of Kowloon and Canton Rd. It runs between Kowloon park and the Islamic Mosque. It’s not a long road, but it’s known for unique Hong Kong foods like Hong Kong beef jerky and Bee Cheng Hiang.



This local Hong Kong brand is based on European styles and offers trendy shoes for shoppers. These shoes are known as “comeback shoes” for all of their return customers and “five second shoes” because they are so common that you can see them every five seconds.

They use leather even on the inside of the shoes and you’ll notice the second you try one on. Their shoes combine a unique fashion sense with designs made to suit the unique size and shape of Asian feet. These have become very popular as of late and are even a favourite of South Korean tourists, so make sure to visit.

르 사운다

Le saunda

This is a local shoe brand similar to STACCATO in price and target group. They’re not as well known in South Korea and really capture the Hong Kong style. Here you can find high-end European dress shoes, casual and trendy styles, but also shoes with a more classic style.

Their shoes have a sensual, European design that combines comfort with edge. Customers looking for a variety of price lines and styles, can find what their looking for here with a special line for little girls (CNE), men (Itauomo), and a high end line (Linea Rosa).

명품 거리

Canton Rd.

This is the signature name brand street in Kowloon. You’ll find it just after Haiphing Road. A number of big brand names have their flagship stores in Harbour City, but there are also plenty of multi-shops with a variety of brands. Cross the road from Harbour City and you can get a great view of Victoria Harbor.


This name brand was created by David Tang, King of Hong Kong fashion. In Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang is a real name brand. Made with top quality materials and luxurious designs, they are known for being popular with in Hollywood and European style and are growing as a world-wide brand.

A modern derivation of classical Chinese clothing, “Chinese Chic” uses primary colours with luxurious details. You can find clothes, wallets, umbrellas, and a variety of products.

Popularised in the movie “Lust, Caution” where the main character Tang Wei wears one, make sure to stop by if you want to try one on.

Tip. Take a Ferry to Hong Kong Island!

You can also take the MTR, but nothing beats the experience of travelling across Victoria Harbor on a ferry. You can choose the central or Wan Chai ferries from the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry dock.

Tai Cheong Bakery

Before heading to Wan Chai, head up to the second floor of the ferry dock and try an egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery. These egg tarts are known as one of the highlights of visiting Hong Kong and have a moisture and deep egg flavour that makes them irresistible.  They only have ten stores in Hong Kong and sell over 3,000 of these egg tarts, sometimes known as Hong Kong’s signature dessert. If you’re waiting for the ferry, why not get a delicious egg tart?

Hennessy Rd.

If Nathan Rd. is the heart of Kowloon, Hennessy Rd. is the heart of Hong Kong Island. Connecting with Central’s Queen’s Way, it runs from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay. 

Wing Wah Noodle Shop

You can try a whole slew of noodle dishes in Hong Kong, but the signature dish has to be Wonton Noodles. Wing Wah Noodle Shop has 62 years of history and is even mentioned in the Michelin guide to Hong Kong. Only Wing Wah serves its soup in bamboo containers. To get great food and really filled up, get the shrimp won ton noodles. You’ll be thinking about it even after you get home from your trip. The kitchen is open so you can see how they make the food. The outside might look a little run down, but there’s no better place to get some real Hong Kong food.


If you’re feeling a little light in the pockets after all that shopping, we recommend dim sum as a cheap meal. Here you’ll find everything from shrimp dimsum to sweet teriyaki dimsum and even crispy and eggplant dimsum dishes. This is a great place to try them out. After eating everything you want and trying out the whole menu, you might be scared to leave, but you’ll soon be surprised at how reasonable the prices are for how much food you can get. Including the Kowloon branch, this local favourite has four total locations.


RABEANCO is known for the one item that everyone who goes to Hong Kong has to have. RABEANCO makes leather with plant oil unlike other stores. Vegetable Tannage Leather is a environmentally friendly leather product that is so soft and smooth you can tell just from looking at it.

In addition to it’s green production methods, it also has vivid, modern colours available. If you’re looking for a simple, casual fashion head to RABEANCO.



If you’re low on funds, it might be time to stop in at Bossini. Along with GIORDANO, Bossini is also known as a true Hong Kong brand. And this is a real hot location for those looking for basic styles. Their selection is mostly made up of crisp colours and neat designs. Reasonable prices and designs that will last past the next trend and stay in your wardrobe are keys here.


6IXTY 8IGHT is known for its pink interior and otherwise girly styles. You can find cute tops along with girlish and sexy lingerie collections with attractive designs at this lingerie store. With great quality for the price, this is a true shrine of Hong Kong shopping. There are loads of different styles and colours and it’s a great place to buy a present. This place is great for ladies with a smaller build who struggle to find brassieres that are the right size. People who buy their lingerie here are usually repeat customers because of the comfort provided.



Hong Kong’s largest cosmetics store, it is similar to South Korea’s Olive Young. They are all over the city and it seems like you can find one every 10 meters. You can find cosmetics from all over the world here, but some of the most popular products are Crab Tree Hand Cream and their own unique packs.

Even when they are the same brand, Sasa stores all have their own unique product placements and different price policies. Compare carefully and you can find a great deal.

Along with Colourmix and Bonjour, Sasa is one of the three major Hong Kong cosmetics shops. You can also get some samples of name brand cosmetics and perfumes for a good price.


Address: G/F, 8 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Opening times: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm

Telephone: +852 2369 7890

Website: www.bauhaus.com.hk

5cm (Five Centimetres)

Address: 49 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Telephone: +852 2366 1193

Website: www.5cm.com.hk

Hui Lau Shan

Address: 12 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Open: 12:00-24:00

Telephone: +852 2368 9783

Website http://www.hkhls.com/


Address SHOP 2, G/F, 48 Cameron Road, Tsim sha Tsui, Kowloon

Phone Number +852 2442 1995

Website http://www.initialfashion.com/

G2000 (Generation 2000)

Address G/F & 1/F, 88 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Opening times: Mon-Fri 10:30-23:30 / Sat-Sun and public holidays 10:00-23:30

Phone Number +852 2366 1456

Website  www.g2000.com.hk


Address G/F., Manson House, 74-78 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Open 9:30 am – 11:30 pm

Phone Number +852 2926 1028

Website http://www.giordano.com.hk/

Pacific Coffee

Address 103A, 1st Floor, Shop No.26 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Open Mon-Sat 07:30-21:00 / Sun&PH 08:00-20:00

Phone Number +852 2311 3365

Website http://www.pacificcoffee.com


Address G/F, 48 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Open 11:00-23:30

Phone Number +852 2722 4238

Website http://www.staccato.com/

Le saunda

Address G/F, 46 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Phone Number +852 3184 0696

Website http://www.lesaunda.com.cn/


Address 1881 Heritage, House 1, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Open 10:30-20:30

Phone Number +852 2368 2932

Website www.shanghaitang.com

Tai Cheong Bakery

Address Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Website www.taicheongbakery.com  

Wing Wah Noodle Shop

Address 89 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Open Mon-Sat 12:00-05:00 / Sun&P.H 12:00-01:00

Phone Number +852 2527 7476

Dimdimsum Dim Sum Speciality Store

Address G/F, 7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Open 10:00-24:00

Phone Number +852 2891 7677

Website http://www.dimdimsum.hk/


Address Shop4A, G/F 33 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone Number +852 3586 0281

Website http://www.rabeanco.com


Address G&1/F, 2 Kai Chui Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone Number +852 2895 4155

Website  www.bossini.com


Address Shop No.614-617, 6/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone Number +852 2618 1522

Website http://www.6ixty8ight.com/


Address 1/F & 2/F, Gold Mark Plaza, 502 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Open 10:00-23:00

Phone Number +852 2881 5020

Website www.sasa.com