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Experience Hong Kong: The Calendar of Unmissable Events

This article originally appeared on www.hotelclub.com/blog. which is now part of hotels.com

Hong Kong is a modern metropolis overflowing with things to do and see. This economic hotspot and cultural hub is a magnet for travellers, holiday-goers, entrepreneurs, technophiles, and business people from every corner of the world. If you had a dozen lifetimes to spend here, you still couldn’t uncover all the secrets and excitement of her streets. So it should come as no surprise that Hong Kong’s annual events calendar is nearly as eclectic as her population and that each month brings with it a fresh new wave of innovations and attractions.

Yet with so much happening throughout the city, many visitors are overwhelmed with the task of planning what to see in their limited time here. To make things even more complicated, Hong Kong’s dynamic landscape seems to constantly transform with the seasons—not only in terms of temperature and weather, but also in the sights, events, and experiences Hong Kong offers those who flock here. So to take the guesswork out of navigating Hong Kong, we’ve brought together a group of experts to set the record straight—for 2015, anyway.

We’ve assembled a one-of-a-kind comprehensive calendar of events and attractions you won’t want to miss. The “Experience Hong Kong Calendar” gives a definitive month-by-month guide to everything from weather to crowds to seasonal sales and annual celebrations. This interactive online resource trumps even popular guidebooks by providing essential links to the resources you’ll need to plan your trip, including embedded Google Maps, links to the HK Tourism Board, websites where you can book tickets, and even price comparisons for check out the calendar to see first-hand what this remarkable city has to offer, and prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime.